We offer a wide range of behaviour change and social marketing training, focusing on a variety of topics and catering for people with differing levels of knowledge.

At the moment, health behaviour change training to help front line staff to have better conversations (‘healthy chats’) and strengthen peoples’ confidence and motivation to make healthy choices is a key focus. Our accredited Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training is particularly popular.

What is MECC?

MECC is a simple idea: encouraging frontline workers to use their daily interactions with the public as opportunities to have good conversations that help people improve their health and wellbeing.

MECC training aims to ensure staff have the knowledge and skills to have good conversations with their clients, and to raise awareness, motivate and signpost people to other services that improve their health and wellbeing.  The benefit of MECC is that it can help people live healthier lives and prevent ill health and early deaths, as well as helping with wider lifestyle issues such as money, employment and housing.

Better Conversations deliver better Covid-19 support

COVID19 has meant that many more frontline workers are having to deal with issues that impact health and wellbeing that are outside of their comfort zone. We also know that there is a great deal of fear and anxiety among communities (and staff) about COVID. Being able to have a good conversation can be a really effective way to help people overcome these issues, become more aware of the risks and support, and cut through misconceptions and misinformation.

Our MECC and Better Conversations training courses have been specifically designed for frontline staff, volunteers and champions who are in direct contact with the public. The training helps build staff confidence, knowledge and skills required for good conversations in these very challenging times and provide participants with resources specific to COVID19.

For instance, speaking confidently about the efficacy of vaccines and the Covid-19 vaccine programme is playing a really important part in the work to encourage greater take-up, particularly amongst those who are unsure, have doubts or concerns about getting it done.

Our vaccine related Better Conversations training in London is enabling frontline staff have to have ‘real conversations’ that make a difference.

“I hesitated about getting the vaccine myself but didn’t realise it until I saw my excuse on the list!
The start of the presentation about motivational interviews, collaboration, evocation was very interesting to hear”

“Very helpful in thinking about the right mindset for approaching these conversations
and other scenarios unrelated to vaccination”

Training participants (Motivational Approach to increasing vaccine confidence)
#vaccinehesitancy, #VaccinesSaveLives #vaccination #vaccineswork #CovidVaccine

Why choose SMG for training?

  • Our team has delivered MECC training to thousands of staff and volunteers from many organisations all across the UK.  We are currently delivering MECC training to councils in the following areas across England: Hackney and City, Camden, Islington, Dudley, Barnet, Surrey, Kent, Brighton & Hove, West Sussex, Enfield, Medway, Salford, Gloucestershire, Waltham Forest, and North Yorkshire.
  • The training follows Public Health England and Health Education England MECC guidance.  SMG’s MECC skills training course is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.
  • We offer a rounded package to support the delivery of MECC programmes: as well as training, we can also provide communications and recruitment support, booking administrationvenue management and evaluation.
  • Our existing MECC clients and participants value our provision (see examples of feedback to the right).

What do we offer?

We always start by looking at your specific requirements and can tailor our support on a number of levels:

  1. Comprehensive package – a tailored training programme with a full range of promotional support and evaluation.
  2. Training package – a tailored training only programme covering the specified competences required by participants.
  3. Self-led learning advice and guidance – web and mobile phone based applications and e-learning.

Find out more

Get in contact with us now by emailing us at gateway@smgateway.co.uk or:

  • Check out the case studies on our MECC training in Camden & Islington plus Salford and Gloucestershire.
  • More information about our MECC and other training courses will be available on our new dedicated SMG Learning website coming soon.