Active travel intervention evaluation

The City of Edinburgh Council

Evaluating the effectiveness of active travel behaviour chang initiatives across Edinburgh

SMG and Ansons Consulting were commissioned by The City of Edinburgh Council to review their active travel-related behaviour change work/activities and help them to develop a behaviour change strategy going forward.

From our review of 22 projects spanning 4 years of activity, we made recommendations for improving the planning and delivery of future projects. This included developing for the Council a Logical Planning Framework tool for project planning, delivery, and evaluation, plus a set of effectiveness criteria and key markers of success for delivering, monitoring and evaluating future projects.

Alongside this we developed an active travel behaviour change framework and intervention delivery model. This work has been used by the Council to develop more targeted local active travel campaigns and interventions.

"Matt and the team have been helping us develop our approach to active travel behaviour change. The hands-on support, guidance and advice we have received along the way is really helping us improve our focus on how best to encourage active travel behaviour change."

Transport Officer, Edinburgh City Council