Understanding and learning from what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and why.

We work with clients to develop appropriate monitoring and evaluation approaches to ensure we capture learning, insight, and evidence across all stages of a project.

SMG helps clients to define appropriate behavioural objectives, goals, and KPIs. We develop appropriate approaches to formative, process, and impact evaluation. We draw on a variety of tools depending on the audience, data, and intelligence required.

It is best to consider evaluation requirements from the start of a project, so our preference is to be involved from the outset. However, we are often commissioned to evaluate ongoing or longstanding work, drawing on the available project data, metrics, and experiences.

Evaluation is important for tracking the impact of your work and assessing its quality to recommend any enhancements. SMG has a track record in helping clients to build evidence that makes the case for improving, scaling, or continuing their projects and programmes.

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