Understanding a problem – what it is, why it’s happening, and what can be done about it.

We’ve being doing research since the very beginning of SMG. We enjoy it and our experience reaches across a wide range of topics.

At SMG, our research projects are always tailored to the problem at hand. They usually begin with us studying existing insights, as we know that there are valuable findings already out there that can help to shape the process. Types of research we do include:

  • Insight gathering –  collecting the thoughts of target population members, or looking at existing evidence and data to draw out insights.
  • Creative testing – trying out a range of adverts, communications and branding ideas that might be used for campaigns and resources.
  • User testing – working with target audiences to inform products and processes, ensuring an effective end-product.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is about listening to the target audience to thoroughly understand of their attitudes, feelings, and behaviours. We want to find out what would make a meaningful difference to somebody, or what could motivate them to change their behaviour.

Choosing the most appropriate methods of qualitative research to understand a problem is crucial. This might include depth interviews (in-person or online), focus groups (in-person or online), buddy pairs, open question surveys, telephone interviews, on-street interviewing, observations, or in-home research. Often, we find that a combination of these methods deliver the best insights.

Quantitative Research

We gather big-picture evidence through quantitative research, using it to reach a wider range of people and engage groups that may find it difficult to take part in qualitative research. Quantatiative methods allow us to study a problem at scale, understand who it affects, and determine how widespread it is. 

We conduct a wide range of quantitative research through surveys and polls, both online and offline, with tens of thousands of respondents from all over the world.

Turning Findings Into Insights

One common theme across all of our projects is the high-quality, actionable insights we provide. It is important to us that our research gives meaningful value to our clients, and we deliver findings in a format that is practical for, and relevant to, the people who will read it. All research documents we produce are to a publishable standard.

Over the years we’ve conducted research into a wide variety of topics – from children’s rights, healthy eating, engagement with health services, vaccine uptake, safe listening behaviours, to unnecessary discarding of fish, and dog neutering, amongst many others.

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