Making Smoking History

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Engaging 1,400 smokers to inform a smoking segmentation model

Working with our partner Jump Research, we developed a segmentation model of smokers in Greater Manchester to inform a new campaign to reduce smoking prevalence.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership wanted an integrated media campaign with a distinct Greater Manchester identity. To develop the segmentation model, we started with a large-scale quantitative face-to-face survey of over 1,400 smokers across Greater Manchester. This was followed by a quantitative phase with 81 participants in focus groups and interviews.

The research explored people’s attitudes and behaviours in relation to smoking, their level of dependency and their barriers to and motivators for quitting. We used the insight gathered to identify eight audience segments, with a comprehensive pen portrait for each. We also identified how each segment preferred to receive information about stopping smoking, their preferred smoking cessations support options and the types of messaging that were most/least likely to influence their behaviour.

The segmentation model was used to inform the development of the ‘You can! Ex smoker’ Campaign’.