Messaging toolkit for a global safe listening initiative

The World Health Organization

Engaging over 3000 participants from 118 countries to develop relevant and actionable messages about hearing loss

With over a billion young people worldwide at risk of irreversible hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched the 'Make Listening Safe' initiative.

WHO recruited SMG to develop a digital messaging toolkit for engaging and influencing young people's listening behaviours. Through messaging co-design workshops with young people, and a global survey translated into five languages, the research engaged over 3000 participants from 118 different countries.

From the insight gathered through the research, we produce a detailed messaging toolkit which considered the attitudes and behaviours on young people regarding their listening behaviours, giving objective guidance on how they could best be targeted and influenced to practice safer listening. This toolkit also included a bank of 55 messages to promote safer listening, which were co-developed with research participants.

Our work was published by WHO in their handbook on how to implement mSafeListening; the handbook equips policymakers and governments with guidance on how to develop, integrate, implement and evaluate a national mSafeListening programme.