MECC skills training for Loneliness

Age UK

Training 150 staff and volunteers to have impactful conversations about loneliness

Age UK recognise that loneliness and social isolation negatively impacts the health and wellbeing of a large part of its client base.  They wanted support to help staff and volunteers across the national Age UK network spot opportunities to open up conversations about loneliness and help people affected to take practical steps towards reduce the problem. 

To achieve this, a pilot MECC for Loneliness training programme was developed and tested with a number of local Age UK branchess. Participant feedback was very positive and additional funding was secured to roll the training out more widely across the network. 

Over 150 staff and volunteers from 15 local Age UK branches have been trained in MECC skills. Evaluation of the training highlighted that participants felt more ready, able and motivated to support their clients who are lonely.  Very encouragingly, a high proportion (95%) indicated that they now plan to put MECC skills to use in their day-to-day practice. 

“Many thanks to all of you at SMG for developing and delivering such an amazing training package.”

Client Lead, Age UK