Active travel behaviour change training & development

Paths for All

Developing a behaviour change training and development programme for staff responsible for active travel interventions across Scotland

The Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (SCSP) programme, administered by Paths for All, funded projects across all 32 of Scotland's local authorities to deliver sustainable transport initiatives.

We were brought in as behaviour change experts to develop and deliver a training programme that could support local authority staff in improving the effectiveness of their interventions. The programme focussed on building behavioural insight gathering capabilities, strategy development, marketing communications, and how to deliver and evaluate projects more effectively. 

The contract involved running two-day training for the Paths For All and local authority teams. As part of the programme, we developed a comprehensive guide to delivering effective active travel projects, and an accompanying online resource hub.

We also provided hands on mentoring and support to active travel teams at a project level in all aspects of behaviour change planning and delivery.

The training helped both Paths For All and local authority teams become more focussed in their approach to developing, delivering and evaluating active travel behaviour change interventions across Scotland.

"SMG provided an invaluable training programme to Active Travel officers across Scotland’s 32 local authorities. It has helped many of them adopt a much more customer oriented and behaviour change focus on planning and delivering our funded projects. The training continues to realise impact, including new staff not exposed to the initial training. It’s also helped improve our own team’s understanding of social marketing and behaviour change."
Programme Manager, Paths for All