Vaccinate Swindon: digital campaign development

Swindon Borough Council
Campaigns & Interventions

A ready-to-go digital advertising kit covering multiple vaccine-eligible populations

We were commissioned by Swindon Borough Council to develop a suite of digital campaign assets to be used as part of their vaccine promotion work. Our client had identified four population groups who were more at risk from vaccine preventable diseases:

  • Pregnant women
  • Parents of pre-school children
  • Parents of adolescents
  • Adults aged 60+

As children and young people made up three of the four groups, parents were a core part of our target audience. Longevity was also a key aspect of the brief, as our client wanted to be able to use the campaign over several years (for example, annually to encourage flu vaccine uptake).

Creating a credible brand to underpin the messaging was important (especially when the topic is vaccine promotion in the post-Covid era) so we developed and tested an umbrella brand, “Vaccinate Swindon” along with three different creative approaches. Our in-depth creative testing methodology allowed us to select and refine a creative approach which was visually striking, and adopted a factual, approachable tone which focused on the benefits of vaccination rather than emphasising the risks of being unvaccinated.

To maximise the longevity of the campaign, we also developed a modular messaging framework which allowed the client team to adopt a “mix and match” approach to the copy on individual adverts. This made it easier for communications staff to refresh individual creative assets without requiring them to have extensive healthcare knowledge.