Tip The Balance Against Cancer Campaign

Royal Borough of Greenwich
Campaigns & Interventions

Changing behaviour to prevent cancer

Tip The Balance Against Cancer was a cancer prevention campaign we developed for the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Public Health team.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage local people (especially middle-to-older aged adults) to adopt healthier habits to reduce their risk of developing cancer, and to present earlier for diagnosis.

Led by the actionable insight that we gathered, the campaign centred around one-to-one engagement of local people through a local roadshow and supported by rigorously tested communications materials and a campaign website. We developed the “Tip the Balance against Cancer” brand, used in conjunction with the Cancer Research UK brand.

The first six-weeks of the multi-faceted campaign generated 8,637 contacts. In that time, 535 individuals received a brief intervention and over 300 people were followed-up with further support. Tip the balance branding was also displayed in 23 local pharmacies, who received specialist training in helping residents to check for signs and symptoms of cancer.