Social Work Practice Learning Portfolio

South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership

An intuitive platform that collates social workers' learning, reducing the amount of paperwork required

South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership (SYTP) is a group of 8 councils and universities working together to provide high-quality practice learning opportunities.  SMG were hired by SYTP to develop a platform that could manage all of their social work learning for newly qualified and student social workers.
We built the platform around multiple workflows, dependent on the social worker's learning needs. Each workflow has its own unique steps, verification processes and permissions - each is also customisable and scalable to accommodate any changing requirements.
Supporting local authority and university staff can track the progress of students and newly qualified social workers, and fill out any relevant forms or assessments required to support their learning. All workflows are exportable via a pdf portfolio, which allows social workers to have a hard copy of their learning, and allows them to send it to external moderators.
The platform has helped to manage and streamline the learning of over 500 social workers.